Review Movie: The Meg Starring Jason Statham

Review Movie: The Meg Starring Jason Statham

One more film about sharks that have appeared lately, is The Meg, starring Jason Statham. From the title, it is clear that the main enemy of this film is the Megalodon, a prehistoric shark whose size is 25 meters. Unfortunately, there is something vital that is lacking in the film which is supposed to be in shark films, blood, gore, the sadism of humans being slaughtered by sharks, body parts, all of which is reduced.

This was admitted by Jon Turteltaub, the director, who said that many sadistic scenes were eliminated so that the rating of this film could include more age, unfortunately even though this film could be more interesting if full of blood. The film tells the story of the most modern research center in China that wants to do the deepest dive. They want to penetrate the depth of the Mariana trench that is deeper than 10,000 meters. And when they reach that depth something terrible happens, they meet the Megalodon and the team is trapped in the deepest sea.

They asked for help from Jonas Taylor, played by Jason Statham who had once rescued in the depths. Next story we will see how they are especially Jonas against the biggest shark ever. This film is too absurd, even though Jonas said that the man against Megalodon was a massacre, but he himself advanced to swim towards him, yes the shark didn’t realize that someone was approaching.

There were so many strange things from the story, their conversations were not connected, fortunately, they chose Jason Statham as the main character. His charisma is able to make this film interesting with his presence. This film is also less stressful, maybe yes because this film is targeted at a young age so that not many human scenes are slaughtered, just swallowed it alive.

But this movie is quite entertaining if you want to see the good special effects of a giant shark attacking the coast, destroying ships and eating humans. Especially if you are a fan of Jason Statham, then this film can be an option for those of you who want to watch a relaxing action movie.

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