The Creepy Venom – Superhero Figure always becoming the idol in public. But when this world already full of the figure that always act like a ‘Savior” to help human kind, Now is the time for us to know about Venom !

A giant creature, very strong also can control human body is the typical of venom. This movie will be release on theater soon. Here is the synopsis of this movie.

Life Foundations always want to be the first and becoming the best on developing the science. So come one journalist, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) that having his carrier on the edge, trying to prove that what Life Foundations do is wrong.

So many investigate already done by Brock to found out what kind of science actually being developing by Life Foundations until now. Unfortunately , his effort always end in failure. Dr Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), the leader of Life Foundations looks annoyed with what Eddie do to his company. Look like Dr. Carlton want to keep secret of their science from other people, especially Brock. The deeper that Brock try to found out, the more closely this secret will be keep by Dr. Carlton.

Until one day, Eddie found out something mysterious and Creepy. An organic that called as Symbiote make him curious. On the other hand, this is the secret that Dr. Carlton found to close from him.

There will be a price need to be pay because of this conflict, especially for Brock and Carlton. Moreover, Actually who is Venom ? Is it true that Venom is a symbiote that can help human in getting what they want ?

Do not forget to watch this movie that will be release soon.


By filmizlehd50
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