Alita: The Battle Angel, Good Or Nay ?

Alita: The Battle Angel, Good Or Nay ?

One of the latest films to use the CGI application is Alita: The Battle Angel. This film tells about Alita, a robot or cyborg created to destroy Zalem, a city that is above the sky. Unfortunately in the destruction mission, Alita lost and had to be dumped in a dumping place called Iron City (Kota Besi).

300 years after the incident, the remains of the destroyed Alita’s body were found by a doctor named Iddo. The doctor who found Alita’s corpse saw that Alita’s head was still functioning. Seeing this, Ido brought Alita’s body to conduct further investigations and research. As a result, Ido made a new body for Alita. He revived Alita in order to accompany him who was left behind by the deceased child.

After Alita gets a new body, Alita starts exploring and exploring Iron City to find her true identity. When conducting exploration, Alita discovered a crime. He could not stay silent to see the crime, with the strength and ability of his martial arts, Alita could easily defeat the criminals.

Shortly after the fight with criminals, Alita joined a tournament called Motorball. For anyone who can win the tournament, he is entitled to get a ticket to Zalem, the city above the sky. Vector who is the leader of Motorball  wants Alita to die.

Vector wants Alita’s body parts so he tries to kill Alita, whose fate is actually a double-edged sword, Alita defeats Vector and takes a ticket to go to Zalem. The goal is clear, namely to destroy the city above the sky.

Actually this film does not get a high enough score from film critics. For an adaptation, Alita: The Battle Angel is in a fairly safe position, but it is not enough to hit and satisfy the desires of current movie lovers.

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