Sherlock Homes 3 Will Be Delayed Till 2021

Sherlock Homes 3 Will Be Delayed Till 2021

The wait for the deadly duet Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law on Sherlock Holmes 3 now lasts longer, along with Warner Bros. just delayed the release of the film.

Originally prepared for December 25, 2020, Sherlock Holmes 3 was finally shifted to December 22, 2021. There has been no further information regarding the reason for the delay that took almost a year. But if there is one thing that should be highlighted, the studio seems intent on releasing Sherlock Holmes 3 on the Christmas holiday.

This strategy is certainly not without reason, considering the two previous films were always successful at the box office when they aired during the same time period. Noted, the first film Sherlock Holmes (2009) managed to reap $ 524 million, while its successor, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), was more in demand with revenues of $ 545 million.

FYI, if you keep the initial release date, Sherlock Holmes 3 will face Sing 2 (the sequel to the successful animated film studio Despicable Me), and James Cameron’s ambitious project, Avatar 2, which has been airing since a week before.

Unfortunately, the new release date does not mean that it will facilitate Sherlock Holmes 3’s struggle to dominate the box office, due to the fact that detective films have to re-duel with Avatar 3, as well as two potential competitors, Hotel Transylvania 4 and Wicked.

Directed by Guy Ritchie, the two Sherlock Holmes films are considered to bring fresh air to the legendary British detective story. Not only is he good at solving complicated criminal cases, Sherlock under the tutelage of Ritchie is also good at fighting, making him a badass detective.

Unfortunately, when RDJ and Law were confirmed to return as Sherlock and John Watson, there was no confirmation whether Ritchie would return to directing. As for THR, the Sherlock Holmes 3 script is now written by Chris Brancato, known through the series Narcos and Hannibal. For now there is no detail regarding the story that the film carried.

The plan for Sherlock Holmes 3 will be released December 22, 2021.

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