Review Wreck It Ralph 2 : Ralph Break The Internet !

This is the first time Ralph has visited the internet. Ralph Breaks the Internet also makes us feel like we are re-acquainted with this vast virtual universe without limits, where everything is there and there is always something new at every corner. This film is able to change something insignificant into something imaginative. Routine things about the internet are transformed into exciting adventures. We feel like we first visited the internet.

This film turned out to be better than I expected. Watching his first film, Wreck-It Ralph, I know this film will again use its main ammunition in the form of brands and characters from other properties that are dressed with flashy contemporary animations plus a little joke of reference games. Hmm, surely Ralph will meet with physical figures from Google, Facebook, Twitter and others, right? But apparently he was not that trivial. The author, Rich Moore, who collaborated again with Phil Johnston after the subversive Zootopia, turned out to be brave enough to explore more, to be able to present entertaining and intelligent animated films. This film is a haqiqi sequel, has a new story that deserves to be told.

As we know at the end of his first film, Ralph (John C. Reilly) has made peace with his destiny as a villain for Fix-It Felix. More importantly, he now has a close friend, Vanellope (Sarah Silverman), a cute racer from the game Sugar Rush. Ralph is happy with his routine of working in an online game during the day and hanging out in other games with Vanellope at night. But Vanellope was hungry for new adventures.

A tragedy changed everything: the steering wheel in the Sugar Rush broke. And because this is the millennial era, of course Sugar Rush is no longer produced, steering wheel spare parts. The only place to get it is in something called “eBay”. This eBay is on the “internet,” something they have also heard for the first time. There’s no time to hesitate, let’s Ralph and Vanellope, we head to the internet!

By filmizlehd50
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