Best Indonesian Horror Movie Without Ghost !

Admittedly, Indonesian horror films are like “nuts”, lots of them! So many, filmmakers as if they were not bored and kept making films with different angles. It must be admitted, too, that of the many Indonesian horror films, only a few have storytelling and quality in the hearts of the audience.

Indeed, horror films are synonymous with ghosts. However, there are some horror films that are creepy with the lack of a ghost figure. The thing is, most rely on mythical stories that give rise to a mystical atmosphere. The films succeeded in making the audience tense and depressed with the storyline.

The film Rumah Dara is arguably one of the most annoying horror films. The thing is, the film that The Mo Brothers worked on makes you depressed in every scene. The built-in horror is not about ghosts, but about psychopaths and cannibalism.

Not a fat horror film, this film starring Shareefa Daanish makes you cringe even though you only see the footage. The art of the atmosphere and the expressions of the characters make you speechless. For those of you who can’t stand to see blood, you should refuse to watch this film.

This film by Joko Anwar is more of a supernatural genre. Indeed, initially you were only given a running scene in the middle of the forest that made you guess and at the same time made you bored. However, smartly, Joko Anwar gave a treatment that made it more and more painful for you, especially with a surprising climax.

Horror is increasingly thanks to film cinematography which is displayed in a classic and dark atmosphere. Anomaly mode also has scoring that evokes your depression side. This horror film has a puzzling story. So, not everyone can accept and understand the storyline.

By filmizlehd50
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