Review Movie : Venom 2018

Marvel recently released their latest film titled Venom. Who doesn’t know Venom? This villain character has been very thoughtful in the minds of Marvel fans, especially fans of Spiderman films.

But for the released Venom film, it has a storyline that is slightly different from the original story. But that does not mean the film is bad, precisely the plot that is not predictable makes this film quite interesting to watch.

This film tells about the messy life of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). At first Eddie’s live with his girlfriend went pretty well. Eddie is a reporter who is quite reliable and famous.

When asked to interview Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), he could not hold himself back and questioned the number of victims used for the experiment.

Because of this, his life was destroyed. Eddie was finally fired from his job and his girlfriend left himself alone. It was this broken life that made Venom interested and finally chose Eddie as a host.

The film is full of entertaining comedy and lots of fun action. Besides that you will also be introduced to two other types of symbiotes named Riot and Carnage.

For those of you who want to find an action film full of comedy, we highly recommend Venom. Our score for the Venom film is 7/10. Enjoy watching !

By filmizlehd50
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