Alone in Antarctica : Cold Skin – Cold Skin is a movie that having adventure and sci-fi genre inside with the collaboration of two country which is Spain and France. This movie was produce by Kanzaman, Ink Connecting, Samuel Goldwyn Films, and the story is get from Jesus Olmo, Eron Sheean and Albert Sanchez Pinol. Meanwhile for the producer they give it to Xavier Gens.

Cold Skin movie is telling the story about one man that try to survive alone in Antarctica while fighting with a mysterious creature in there. Cast by Ray Stevenson as the main actor. Another star in this movie is David Oakes and Aura Garrido.

This movie already being release on Spain in October 20. This movie is worth to be watch while the ending will be end very simple and not like what we hope for it.

So the story begin in the World War 1914, in where there is a young man that getting a duty to having a trip to a small island in Antarctica for replacing weather forecaster that already work in there. This man is doubting about this job but got no choice so he still need to go. When this man arrive in there he can not find this man rather getting an information from the old man call Gurner that the man he is looking for already die because of illness.

When the night is come and this man trying to have a sleep, a mysterious creature come and attacking him. lucky that he can survive on that night. In the morning this man try to find Gurner to found out what actually happen in there. Gurner tell that the creature that attack him is Sea Humanoid but he also do not know why this animal attack him.

So in the edge of the world, for 12 month this man need to survive alone from the cold and also the creature that are looking for him. Can he survive ?

By filmizlehd50
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