Review: Cold Pursuit Starring Liam Neeson

Review: Cold Pursuit Starring Liam Neeson

Neeson plays Nels Coxman, an ordinary man who has just been awarded the “Best Citizen of the Year” trophy. His job is the driver of snow scrapers at the ski resort in Kehoe, Colorado. If not for Nels, the road there would not be able to pass by vehicles. This thick snowy plain is certainly a beautiful setting and is perfect for blood to grow.

The beginning of the case was the death of a Nels child. The post mortem results showed that the child died of an overdose. But as far as Nels, his son is not a user. Nels intends to commit suicide, but is canceled after learning that his son was actually killed by members of the drug cartel. Change plans; now he vows to kill all the cartel members, starting from the croco to the boss known as the Viking nickname (Tom Bateman).

You already know the procedure … or is that right? Indeed there will be many corpses falling, but not in the way you think you got from the action film Liam Neeson. Cold Pursuit is just a matter of killing lists. The scene of the action is in a secondary position. This film confirms that by displaying a list bearing the name and tacky nicknames such as Speedo, Limbo, etc. complete with the symbol of the cross, every character dies. Because there are many who leave for nature, we will often read the screen. Films even use this as a punchline later.

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