Review: A Tale Of Two Sister – Korean Horror Movie

Review: A Tale Of Two Sister - Korean Horror Movie

If seen from the title, it seems like the story of two sisters. The film opens with a daughter named Bae Su Mi who is sitting in a room. In this room there was also a man who seemed to be interrogating Su Mi. The story then continues with the return of Su Mi with his father and younger brother, Soo Yeon returns to his residence. At his home, they live their stepmother, Eun Joo, who is waiting for their return. Like a stepmother in a myth circulating in folklore, the stepmother in this film is evil and cruel.

Their mother’s death and the presence of a cruel stepmother made Soo Yeon depressed. As a good sister, Su Mi always wants to protect her sister. This Su Mi who doesn’t like Eun Joo very much, really shows his dislike of Eun Joo. Unlike the younger brother who just chose to stay quiet because he was too scared of his stepmother. Eun Joo also did not hesitate to punish So Yeeon physically if he made a mistake. And because this film is a horror genre, of course it cannot be separated from the presence of a terrible figure in this film.

The figure of a female ghost often appears which makes her sister become increasingly depressed. And the presence of ghosts caused strange events in their homes. The problems that arise even more. The relationship between the two siblings with Eun Joo is increasingly chaotic. Unfortunately, their father is too ignorant.

One time Eun Joo’s pet was found dead with his head cut off. Eun Joo was angry with Soo Yeon and locked her in a closet. Several times the Soo Yeon incident was locked up in this closet over and over, Su Mi tried to tell the father who did not heed the words of Su Mi.

One time when he woke up and found his sister was not there. Then Su Mi found Eun Joo who was carrying a sack full of blood. Su Mi tried to stop her stepmother, unfortunately Su Mi just fell unconscious because of the resistance of Eun Joo. And surprisingly, when he woke up, the father was at his side and all the evidence of the incident was gone. Father tried to calm the Su Mi.

In the end, you will be shocked about true story of this movie, so i will keep this secret for you. Curious about it ? Go watch this movie !

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