Monster Hunter Movie Will Be Released On 2020

Monster Hunter Movie Will Be Released On 2020

The film adaptation of the popular game Monster Hunter finally got a release date. Starting the filming process since the end of last year, now a film that highlights the action of monster hunters is certain to air on September 4, 2020.

Monster Hunter is known to be a reunion project between director Paul W.S. Anderson and the actress who is also his wife, Milla Jovovich, after they collaborated on six Resident Evil films.

Being lined up as the main character, Jovovich will become Lt. Artemis who – along with her soldiers – was transferred to a dangerous world filled with monsters. Artemis’s life was shaken when the situation he faced turned into a brutal battle, to survive the attacks of various monsters that had extraordinary powers. If Artemis still wanted to survive, there was no choice for him but to work with a man who knew how to conquer monsters. FYI, in the game itself, monster hunters carry large weapons and special armor to be able to keep up with their opponent’s abilities. It’s interesting to see how Anderson’s execution presents human vs. monster battles in the film later.

i> Monster Hunter itself is an RPG game set in an epic fantasy world, where players act as hunters who track and conquer monsters, while strengthening their weapons and armor to be more effective in combat. So far, Monster Hunter has five main series, and the latest Monster Hunter World (2018) has been named the best-selling series with sales reaching eight million copies. Besides that, Monster Hunter also has nine equally successful spinoff games, along with a series of anime and manga adaptations.

Besides Jovovich, the film also stars Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman and rapper T.I. Harris. The Monster Hunter film was produced by Screen Gems, the same studio behind the Resident Evil film adaptation franchise, which has spawned six series with total revenues reaching $ 1.2 billion. Will Monster Hunter follow in the footsteps of Resident Evil’s success and become a new franchise?

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