Review: Hellboy ( 2019 )

Review: Hellboy ( 2019 )

Hellboy is the third film adaptation of comics produced by Dark Horse created by Mike Mignola. The film is said to be more atmospheric than the source material compared to the two previous Hellboy films that were worked on by auteur Guillermo del Toro. If previously the titular character was played by Ron Perlman, this time we will face David Harbor, the serial star of Stranger Things. If previously we were brought into an eccentric dark tale, this time we plunged into a violent hell.

Not so surprising, because the director is Neil Marshall, the man who once worked on The Descent, one of the most shocking horrors I’ve ever watched. The new version of Hellboy is close to sadism. The head is beheaded, the body is cut off, the eyes are plugged, the contents of the stomach are scattered, and the slaughter that occurs in humans, monsters and all kinds of creatures in a terrible way is a scene that routinely milling about.

All that makes this film worthy of an “R / Adult” rating. But then, you will most likely ask back: is it true that I sincerely get something edgy by stuffing characters and stories that are (at least) a little binding?

Even though Hellboy has many characters and stories. Our main character is still a red devil with a stone right hand, who works in the Mystical Research and Defense Bureau led by his own adoptive father, Trevor Bruttelholm (Ian McShane). Many have criticized its existence, but it is the last hope for mankind in fighting against the invasion of demon.

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