Review and Plot Summary For 1408

Review and Plot Summary For 1408

Once again the film is a successful adaptation of Stephen King’s story. But this time the story development is quite a lot, because the story itself is actually in a short format. Directed by Mikael Hofstrom, this film managed to become one of the horror films claimed to be unique in his day. Starring two great actors, John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson, this film is also rich in its role.

Especially the slick action that Cusack showed as an eccentric writer, whose specialty is a horror novel. As usual he visited a famous mystical place to be the source of his essay, but this time a hotel room number 1408 changed his distrust to the mystical world

After attending his fan meeting at a bookstore, Mike Enslin (Cusack) got his new goal to explore a mystical place. This time it’s a hotel called Dolphin Hotel, New York City. After painstakingly getting the room key from the hotel manager Gerald Olin (Jackson), he entered the room. Terror is carried out in stages by the spirit who turns out to occupy the room. Amazingly, Enslin was terrorized by more than one spirit.

He experienced all hallucinations in that place. So in the end he decided to burn the place because he realized he would not escape from that place. The final scene shows Enslin’s funeral, which was attended by his wife, along with Olin who handed over the last legacy of Enslin, the recording device used throughout the film.

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