Rambo 5: Last Blood’ Will Air In September 2019

Rambo 5: Last Blood' Will Air In September 2019

The twilight age was apparently not a problem for Sylvester Stallone to return to playing his iconic role as a veteran Rambo warrior. After the actor finished the process of filming the latest Rambo film some time ago, now comes the news from the Deadline that ensures this fifth series will air on September 20, 2019. The film titled Rambo 5: Last Blood itself is predicted to be Stallone’s last appearance as John Rambo.

In the upcoming film, Rambo is told to fight PTSD while living a normal life on a farm in Arizona. Shortly after, Rambo’s friend told him that his grandson was missing when he was about to party to Mexico, then Rambo went looking for him in the border area. This trip also ended up being a new war for Rambo, as he had to exert all his abilities to save the girls who were kidnapped by the syndicate of human trafficking, and to arrest a well-known mafia.

Armed with a manuscript written by Matt Cirulnick (Absentia), Last Blood was directed by Adrian Grunberg, known through Get the Gringo. In addition to the film starring Mel Gibson, Grunberg was also the second unit director of the Narcos series, as well as assistant director at Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and Sense8. Interestingly, Grunberg was also appointed by Gibson as assistant director when working on the mesmerizing action thriller film Apocalypto. With his track record, Grunberg’s involvement in Last Blood made this film look quite promising.

Stallone himself debuted as Rambo through First Blood (1982), before he re-appeared on Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985), Rambo III (1988) and Rambo (2008). The existence of the Rambo 5 project actually has resonated with rumors since the last series was present in 2008. However, due to various obstacles, including Stallone who had wanted to stop playing Rambo, it took a long time for Last Blood to move to the production stage.

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