Office Uprising, Run Run, Get Away Zombie – Usually zombie movie will have so many scent in where human will be try to run away from the zombie in the big road, in the jungle and will be a scene in where our special force will try to help the rest of human fighting with the zombie right ? So Office Uprising comes out with a new idea in where The Zombie will only attack the human inside the office. how this weird story will attract us to watch it ?

The story was happen in Ammotech Office. Everything is not common in this office. their business is selling a weapon that they produce by them self, and what make this office is more weird is having an owner that always act weird also. He love to blame his subordinates excessively.

It also happen to his accountant, Desmond Brimble. Some day Brimble forgot to bring his id card, and because of that small matter the boss call him to his office.

Brimble already get used to his boss act. But that day something make him surprise. In his boss room, with his own two eyes , he just see that one of his friends is dying there. What make is more ridiculous is he can see a lot of stab wounds due to pencils happen to his friend body !

Brimble feel so weird. Because he know until know his boss never do something crazy like this. What make his more surprise is seeing the changing on his boss physical when get angry to him.  On that time the boss veins turns red and his figure is not like a human anymore.

So he try to run after seeing that thing happen. Unlucky for him, this things also happen to the rest of his friends inside that office. Most of them turn into something that is not human and more like zombie things.

Together with Samantha and Mourad, only three of them is acting like a human in that office. So now three of them need to face a crazy thing inside their office. Being trapped in the middle of human that turns into zombie.

What is the reason behind this changing ? Is that true that three of them is the only one that not turn into those things ? Find the answer on the upcoming Office Uprising !

By filmizlehd50
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