Come Back Michael Myers – After almost hiding for the last ten years, Michael Myers will be come back to haunt every single victim candidate on the newest Halloween Movie. On this movie Jamie Lee Curtis will once again having a role as Laurie Strode with Judy Greer that play as his child and Andi Matihack as her granddaughter.

Blumhouse and Universal also already released the trailer that show a fact  that this movie will have a different flashback and not like what every single of this movie fans know and think about. Actually Michael Myres is not a brother to laurie Strode and we can find out what exactly happen in this movie. Also in this movie we will found out about Strode that already being killed on Halloween: Resurrection on 2002.

This movie will be star by Will Patton, Virginity “Ginny” Gardener, Dylan Arnold, Drew Scheid and Miles Robbins. Nick Castle will be play as Michael Myers a Cold Heartless Killer that also known as The Shape.

In this movie will be start by the flashback of how Laurie Strode 40 years old ago can succeed escape from the murder attack that happen on the Halloween night 40 years ago by Michael Myers. After being caught on that night, myers succeed on escaping from the prison after the bus that want to move him having an accident. Now Laurie will once again facing the same mask murderer that come back to Haddonfield, Can Laurie ready for facing it ?

This movie will be direct by David Gordon Green with the scenario text write by Danny McBride with the help of Jeff Fradley. This movie is plan to be release on October 19th.

Ready for Halloween ?



By filmizlehd50
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