Movie Review: Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2019)

Movie Review: Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2019)

Dragon Ball Manga is probably the first shonen manga to have spectacular success globally. But more importantly, Dragon Ball is the father of all the shonen we meet today. If traced in genealogy, Dragon Ball seems to be in the top position. He pioneered all the standard characteristics we see in all shonen: power-ups and epic battles. In order to respect tradition in order to stay sustainable, all the contents of Dragon Ball Super: Broly are all about that.

Remember how the majority of characters can add strength to various Super Saiya levels, where do they experience hair changes ranging from yellow, red to blue? It’s so much and that the latest power-up mode is so high, it feels like there’s nothing stronger than that. Who would have thought, this film still has one more.

In order for this strongest mode to come out, it must be provoked by the strongest enemy too. His name is Broly. Old fans must know, because he appeared in the 11th film, Dragon Ball Z: Broly – The Legendary Super Saiyan. The story is relatively not directly related to Goku et al, but thanks to the background made directly by Toriyama, Broly is now in the continuity of the main story of Dragon Ball.

With this, Toriyama also managed to create the coolest characters in the history of Dragon Ball. Broly is a super strong character (even her raw strength can bulldoze sympathetic Goku and Vegeta at once). He does not like to show off strength, let alone fight * cough Goku et al *. The reason was duel solely because of manipulations from his father, Paragus, and the evil Frieza.

The beginning was when the planet Saiya was colonized by Frieza. Frieza, threatened by Saiya’s existence, decided to destroy the planet and its contents. Goku and Vegeta were saved by being sent to earth. But before that, Broly’s baby and father had been sent first to an isolated planet called Vampa. There, Broly grew to become a very tough Saiya man. Until then, Frieza found him and sent him to earth for a duel against Goku.

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