KnuckleBall : Surviving in the Middle of Snowing Village – Knuckleball is the Thriller movie that will be come out soon. This movie will be direct by Michael Peterson that also becoming the writer scenario with Kevin Cockle. The story in the wide brand is telling about unexpected moment that happen to a young small boy that having a visit into his grandfather farm that making a creepy terrorizing night for them. The Star that will be play in this movie is such as Luca Villacis, Michael Ironside, Munro Chambers, Kurtis David Harder, Julian Black Antelope, Kathleen Munroe and Chenier Hundal.

One day Mary (Kathleen Munroe) and her husband Paul (Chenier Hundal) need to visiting one of their friend funeral. Because it is take  a long way to go there, so they decided to leave their son Henry (Luca Villacis) into his Grandfather place, Jacob (Michael Ironside). On the isolated Canadian Farm where his father lived, Mary got lost remembering the moment in where her mother decide to end her life in the warehouse where she found out Jacob having an affair.

So at the last Henry will stay with his grandfather on several days. Jacob teach him how to work on the farm also teaching him how to throw a baseball. Henry meet the strange neighbor of Jacob which is Dixon (Munroe Chambers).  Look like both of them not having a good relationship in where Henry see Jacob try to punch Dixon.

In the night nothing wrong happen, just another quiet night to be skip for. But in the morning something happen. Henry found out that his Grandfather already dead in his bedroom. Henry look so panic and try to leave a message to his father, but a snowstorm blocking the signal and Paul can not receive the message properly.

Mary and Paul can hear some of the part message that Henry send to them. Paul try to look for the officer in that place that send Connie Sheriff to the location on making the check. Both Mary and Paul also try the fast they can to go pick Henry. Can they make it ?

Do not Forget to watch this movie to find it out !



By filmizlehd50
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