First Man to the Moon – After the musical movie La La Land, producer Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling actor having their come back collaboration in the new project movie with the title First Man. This movie will tell us the story about Neil Amstrong on his first succeed mission landing human into the moon.

The script was write by Josh Singer, that before having the project to write Spotlight (2015) that get him an Oscar for that and The Post (2017) that getting a nominee of Golden Globe. This script was adapt from the book First Man: The Life of Neil A Armstrong (2005) by James R Hansen.

This story will be focus on the way Neil, on the first point man view, from the time 1961 until 1969. According to their official Synopsis, First Man will try to dig the sacrifice and the price that need to pay by Neil and their country for achieving one of the most dangerous mission on human history for that time.

Ryan that will be playing Neil will acting together with Claire Foy, that play Janet Shearon, the first wife of Neil. Corey Stoll will join the group by act as Buzz Aldrin, Neil partner on Apollo 11 mission. And then we will have Kyle Chandler becoming Deke Slayton, engineer at once pilot that become the head of NASA officer for the first time.

The trailer for this movie just release now for the public. On 2.5 minute video we can see the tension that happen on that mission. There will be a failure, a death and more about the external factor that force them to stop their dream for achieving the moon, especially coming from their own family.

So this movie is one of the movie we should be watch if we want to know all the price and sacrifice make by Neil for getting to the moon and inherit one of the most valuable thing to the human kind.

By filmizlehd50
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