Crime Drama : Widows 2018 – Widows is a movie that plan to be released on this September 2018. This movie will be produce by Steve McQueen, with his friend Gillian Flynn and Lynda La Plante as the writer scenario director.

Moreover this film will be play by some of actor and actress that already well known in  Hollywood  such as Elizabeth Debicki, Michelle Rodrigues, Carrie Coon, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, Daniel Kaluuya, Robert Duvall, and Garrent Dillahunt.

About this movie, Widows, will be take place in United States with the genre is Crime Drama with Thriller that being mix together. This film is getting a set in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

This movie will be done by the fourth home production, New Regency Pictures, and will be distributed under the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. We can see this movie on September 2018.


The story will tell us about four female that are have their own egoism in them self in the center of chaos era , also with the debt on their own after the criminal issue they face before. They have a problem about love and kindness because of getting lose of their husband in the past, so in their life, fate tell them to face their future on their own. So the question comes out, will this four females will can face their own egoism ? Also can they find the mystery behind the murder of their husband after the failed robbery mission done by their husband ?

Detail Film Widows (2018)
Title : Widows
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director : Steve McQueen
Writer : Gillian Fly, Lynda LaPlante
Home Production : Film 4, New Regency Pictures
Distributor : Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
From : USA
Subtitle  : English
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