Mila Kunis on The Spy Who Dumped me Action Movie

Sinopsis The Spy Who Dumped Me, Film Aksi Komedi Segera Tayang di Bioskop – Surely August 2018 is one of the month that are truly awaited by Hollywood movie lover around the world. Maybe some of us not yet move on from the euphoria make by Mission Impossible Fallout movie that release in this august, now Hollywood will serve movie lover with a new action comedy movie that been play by Mila Kunis and Kate Mckinnon as the main cast. Lets takes a look the synopsis of the movie with the title The Spy Who Dumped Me that will soon release in few days.


The Spy Who Dumped me is an action comedy movie that usually have a very unique plot because in here both the main character will be play by women.

This story will be start with the scene where there is a terrorist looks after a man name Drew (Justin Theroux), and using Audrey (Mila Kunis) and her bestfriends Morgan (Kate Mckinnon) as their baits.

Unlucky for both of them, at last they also become the target to be eliminated by this terrorist. After that they also found out that Drew the one that the terrorist want to be eliminated is an CIA agent.

At last both of them run away from their place to Europe, Unfortunately the terrorist still also look after them and hunting them wherever they are. And the story move to where both of them found out that they need to fight this gang because by doing that they will do exactly what it takes to save both of them and also the world from the terrorist.

So how will Mila Kunnis and KateMckinnon try to run away from the terorist and what kind of ridiculous funny act that will suprise us in this movie ?

Do not forget to watch this movie to find it out.



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